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Web & Mobile


UX, UI & Strategy

On this one we were part of a 100% remote team, literally spanning the globe, bringing together specialists across leadership, design, product, development and marketing.

The brief

The objective was clear, to create the one source of brand truth. Our goal was to work with the team (which now stands at 12) to help define the user experience and product strategy.

The objective

Diving deep into understanding the business was an intergral part to being able to answer the questions of how 1Brand would tackle this challenge. We worked through understanding the “why’’, focusing on the problem we were solving first and then making educated and informed decisions. User testing and feedback was going to be an essential part of this process.

The core UX

Taking learnings from what we had already achieve we began to construct the UX, focusing on the key objective of making it intuitive yet engaging.

Marketing pages

We set about creating a pain-free and intuitive user experience, a complete contrast to the competitive landscape. Once again, a large proportion of the users would be mobile-first, so ensuring a great experience across both desktop and mobile was important.


Super visual UI

We also created a super visual set of assets to go with the brand, such as custom graphics, icons and playful shapes and illustrations.


The Engineering team have done an awesome job building this comprehensive SaaS platform. As the product now moves into beta, with a full marketing launch coming soon after. We are extremely proud of the part we played in this project.

Whilst the founding team are based in Seattle, the team is truly international at heart, demonstrating the ability of an experienced remote team to deliver on world-class digital products 🌎


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