Have you ever heard of social intent testing? We hadn’t either before we started working with Faraday. Social intent testing is a great way to test with real people if they would buy or would be interested in something you might be planning to produce.

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UX, UI & Strategy

Working closely with the Founder and Engineers at Faraday, we’ve slipped into their team whenever needed, we love working with the team and hope to carry on for the foreseeable future!

Faraday brief

The scope of work was been extremely broad on this one, landing page design, product design, strategy, copywriting, product tutorials and training resources and even helping develop new social intent tests for the product (the love/hate test being one of them!).

Faraday devices

Snippet of the love/hate test

Faraday user flow

Flow for the test

Traditionally social intent testing would be done via surveys or focus groups, often the responses would be biased and the tests themselves would require considerable work to get off the ground. What Faraday does is to allow you to test an idea at scale with real people, in literally minutes, automating the whole process from start to finish, allowing you to test in a digital ecosystem, easily and cost-effectively.

Faraday reports

A test report

Reporting is a core part of the experience, warranting particular attention on Faraday as the test report presents data and graphics, demonstrating the power of the product’s ability. The finished reporting interface makes good use of data visualisation to communicate key metrics alongside more granular insights as you dig deeper.

Faraday cards

A few examples of the burner brands

One of the super fun things on the project has been creating concept brands across a range of sectors (fictional brands to use in your test), we created basic identities and personas for these brands, alongside supporting visuals and narrative. The user can choose one of these brands or alternatively request a bespoke one if they prefer.

Faraday emoji cards

Fun emoji components

The finished interfaces are fun and engaging, leaning on emojis to inject not only humour but helping create a very distinct identity for the product.

Faraday illustrations

Faraday’s wicked illustrations

Faraday LP


The results of our work with the team have been super positive. Not only has the product been embraced within the tech and start-up community, but also brands like L’Oréal, M&S, Kimberley-Clarke and Reckitt Benckiser. These global brands have used Faraday to test new ideas as part of their broader NPD process. What’s also exciting is that there’s even more brands coming very soon, watch this space!

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