The goal for Grapevine was simple, to help travel management companies increase attachment rates and capture a larger share of in-destination traveller spend.

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UX, UI & Strategy

We worked closely with the team at Grapevine, researching, conducting interviews, user testing, and lastly constructing the UX and UI design. We then worked with engineering to iterate and scale up from the MVP.

Grapevine brief

Business travellers typically book their flight through their corporate TMC, unfortunately, 80% then go on to book their hotel and in-destination needs through other providers. In a market that is already hyper-competitive, ensuring you get a larger percentage of the revenue per trip is vital. This is the challenge Grapevine tackles head-on.

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Grapevine uses AI to process user and trip data to identify retailing opportunities that match each traveller’s unique preferences. The AI then sends personalised messages, optimised for time and channel, leading travellers to a white-labelled booking platform that covers everything from hotels, transport and leisure activities, all matched to the traveller’s preferences. Because of the complex touchpoints we thought it would be paramount to put extra time into wireframing and the UX.

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UX user flow

Following comprehensive user research and interviews with a range of business travellers, bookers and TMC leadership, we worked with the founding team to establish the product strategy and based on the insights gained from our research.

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User personas

These insights acted as our north star, guiding the decision-making process throughout the visual design phase that followed. We worked across a range of requirements including the entire product UX/UI design, prototyping, user testing and landing page design. 

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Initial UX designs

One of the key things that came out of the research was that users had a low level of trust in online reviews, particularly when it came to travel and hospitality. The most respected reviews and recommendations came from the user’s close network and also the press, it was therefore imperative to deliver a user experience that presented recommendations for people whose opinion matters. 

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Review graphic

One of the considerations with a product that is white-labelled is how to ensure the visual design was not only clean and elegant but was quickly able to be adapted to reflect a TMC’s visual identity and brand. As part of this process, we developed a flexible UI that could be used across a range of colour palettes and brand identities, giving the TMC the ability to customise the experience to reflect their brand.

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White-labelled designs

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Some of the world’s leading travel management companies have been quick to embrace the product, integrating it into their existing marketing channels and booking workflows. A win for TMC’s and the business traveller, who both benefit from a world-class user experience powered by bleeding-edge technology.
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Since working with the team, Grapevine have gone on to receive several prestigious rewards. 


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