In a nutshell, Heron is all about providing Mortgage Brokers, Buyers and Estate Agents with a complete digital solution for managing every stage of the mortgage application process.

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We were asked by the team at Sprint Innovations, Heron’s technical partners, to work on their new product Everglades.

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Our brief was to define the mortgage fact find experience and mobile designs across the entire Heron product. Whilst many parts of the desktop experience were well defined, one area we were asked to focus on was the fact find.

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Anyone who has ever completed this process with a traditional high street lender will know this experience well. It involves recording every detail of your life from addresses to income and dependents, a potentially long and involved experience.

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We felt it was vital to break this down into easy to digest bite-sized chunks, showing the user their progress and clearly communicating how much more they had to complete.

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Section of the fact find

We put particular emphasis on ensuring a consistent experience with the fact find across desktop and mobile. It would not be uncommon for applicants to move between several device types during the applications process, so it was vital that they could easily pick up their next step in the process.

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Thorough and robust design system

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The client was really pleased with the outcome, allowing them to move into development with confidence in the user experience created.

Lending is a complex experience, however, with Heron, we have created an experience that it is easy for the first-time borrower to understand and refreshing for someone who has experienced the traditional lending landscape 🏡

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