Koyo is the UK’s first open banking powered lender. They are backed by three top venture capital funds (who also funded Transferwise, Revolut and Zopa) and some of the most reputable angel investors in the UK.






Web & Mobile


UX & UI Design

We were approached by Koyo, and integrated into their team to help them develop the UX and UI for the lending platform they were building.

The brief

The target market for Koyo is young, connected millennials. For many, using Koyo may be their first experience of lending, so a primary focus for us was to ensure a jargon-free and intuitive experience, giving them the tools they need to easily manage their loan and payments.

Koyo’s tagline and motto

The dashboard
The main focus was the product dashboard, a vitally important area to get right as it would be the main touchpoint for users once they have their loan approved. Within the dashboard a user can get a snapshot of their loan and payments, alongside more specific functionality like overpayments, statement downloading, overpayments and additional borrowing.
The mobile UI
We set about creating a pain-free and intuitive user experience, a complete contrast to the competitive landscape. Once again, a large proportion of the users would be mobile-first, so ensuring a great experience across both desktop and mobile was important.

Koyo’s branding



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