Startup Resources

Startup Resources

Best Startup Resources

Whether you are looking for investment or want to find a great project management tool. We have tried and tested a vast range of products and services to help get your startup off the ground. Save yourself some time and check out the tools and companies we use.

Legal Help and Templates

Getting the right legal advice is important, but for the simple stuff like privacy policies, NDA’s and terms and conditions, Lawbite is our preferred option.

Social Media Management

Is social media management sucking up all your time? Check out, Buffer. Easily schedule and deliver all of your content across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Hosting Solutions

Speed, security, flexibility and support are what you will need.

Email and all that Business Stuff

Once you have your domain name you will want to set up your email. Google’s G-Suite offers all the business tools you will ever need; Gmail, Google Docs and of course online storage with Google Drive. For all our CRM needs we use Hubspot, another awesome free tool to centralise all of our client contact information and new business data. Finally, Mailchimp is our “go-to” for email marketing.

Collaboration and Sharing

Notion is awesome, we use it for almost everything! Miro for our digital whiteboards and of course Slack for comms. These tools are the holy trinity of collaboration 😎

Design Stack

These are the tools of our trade, tried and tested 🎨

Need to Secure INVESTMENT?

A great list of investors in London by Jenny Judova.

Business Bank Accounts & Accounting

You work in tech right? So let’s look at some of the best disruptor bank options. Our bank of choice is Starling, but Tide is also killing it with their free app-based business banking solution.

Business Insurance

Making business insurance a pleasure to purchase, no hidden costs or jargon — a killer platform for cost-effective business insurance. Whether you need professional indemnity or need to insure your MacBook, check these guys out.

Co-working Spaces in London

Working from the coffee shop is great, but if you really need to get things done.

Awesome Free Images

Whether it is a landing page of social media content, the right image makes all the difference. Unsplash and Pexels have some of the best images out there and are 100% free.

Finding great agencies/studios to work with (like us 😉)

Anything we should add? Please get in touch and let us know.

Would you like to work with us? We are a friendly bunch, come and say hi 👋

by Cojo

by Cojo

Digital Product Design Studio based in the heart of London. We focus on research-led UX, UI design, strategy and testing. Designing mobile apps and websites.

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It goes far beyond just designing products, we’re not just Designers, we help build businesses