The Circle Line (TCL)

The team at TCL have a mission to connect people to accessible and affordable counselling and coaching. The products core proposition is to connect clients with Therapists.

TCL hero






Web App


UX, UI & Strategy

Working with the founding team at TCL, an awesome tech for good platform. Partnering with London based development agency Planes to deliver on the tech component of the project.

TCL brief

The objective of TCL was clear, but the user journey needed to be developed from the ground up. The key challenge was to ensure a solid user experience for each of the two user types, Therapists and clients. Products with two very different user flows bring an interesting set of challenges.


Initial ideas and sketches


UX exploration

We designed the onboarding journey into two branches, one for the Therapist and one for the client. We used an engaging guided question and answer approach during onboarding, capturing key insights that enabled the platform to provide the most relevant Therapist matches. The professionals on the platform have very different areas of specialism, so accurate matching was vital from the outset.

TCL dashboard

Dashboard UI

Starting from the initial landing page, we put great consideration into trying to communicate to the two different user types, as the language and motivations were very different. It was important to use both the written word and visual design to clearly communicate the benefits and features that relate to them both.

TCL Photos

Coherant photography

TCL full


The finished product provides an end to end solution, from matching, booking, voice & video chat and payment all within one product, which was what we set out to do. We also gathered feedback from Therapists and potential clients, both of which were super positive about the user interface and overall experience. Therapists were especially stoked to start using the platform!

In essence, we have helped digitise the whole experience, delivering on the core objective of making counselling accessible and affordable to all 🙌 

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